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Lindy Hop Switches and overrotated swing out

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Staying circling around after over-rotated swing out. Classic footwork and switch variations for followers and leaders.

Follower initiation and leaders responding Follower initiated movements

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A couple of exercises for followers to add dynamics and lengthening movements meanwhile leaders focus on responding.

Charleston inspiration 20s Charleston, Hacksaw, and more

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Collection of Charleston movements including 20s charleston, hacksaw, sailor, drag, and tandem variations.

Just swing outs Swing outs

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We practiced swing outs either by follower rock stepping or stepping forward on 'one'. Plus leader's circular swing out variation.

Lindy Hop Turning moves

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Moves to suggest follower ½, 1, 1½, 2, or 2½ turns.

Taught on Improvers+ Sugar Push Ideas

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We taught the basic Sugar push, a variation with swivels and a kick ball change and then we show some ideas what else you can do with this move.

Open and over the head Barrell rolls

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Basic barrell roll progressing from open roll to over the head with maintained hand connection. A little bonus at the end.