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Demo Lindy "Switch" course last class demo

| Recaps

Including swivels, rondes, frankie six, and nifty swing out switch.

Solo Lindy Lindy Styling and Technique class 04-09-2021

| Recaps

Shim Sham variations, rhythms, and swing outs.

Lindy Hop A few swing out variations

| Recaps

Some of the most common swing out variations - swing out with an outside and an inside turn.

Lindy Advanced Rhythms in your basic dancing

| Recaps

Talking about importance of having richness of rhythms in your dancing. Including a few examples of implementing rhythms of the music in your basic dancing.

All the moves from the beginners' course Lindy Hop basic moves

| Recaps

In this recap we go thru all the basic moves of Lindy Hop utilizing both triple steps and kick/Charleston steps.

Featuring smooth styling 3-wall swing out

| Recaps

Looping swing out redirection (counts 5-6) to create a 3-wall swing out, or an n-wall swing out if you wish.

Four different variations Footwork variations (for swing out)

| Lessons

Four different footwork variations, which all share a common rhythm. On the video, we are practicing these variations in swing outs, but you can try insertin...

Slow Swing Pivots and inside turn + dip technique

| Recaps

Adding pivots to our basic walks with inside turn exit leading into swing out or nice little dip.

For swing out A footwork variation

| Recaps

A little footwork variation that goes nicely into the swingout.

Reversed fun Reverse swing outs & lindy circle

| Recaps

In our Intermediate-Advanced class, we reversed Swing outs and circles and played with them.

Swing out + send out Redirect rotation practice

| Recaps

Practicing different angles we can redirect to in both send out and swing out.

Week 7 Swing outs

| Courses · Lindy Charleston with Tiina & Markus · Classes

Tips for swing outs and a couple of variations.

Week 4 Lindy Hop swing out

| Courses · Lindy Hop Beginners with Tiina & Markus · Classes

Learning the swing out and a few other tricks on the way.

Pop turn + swing out Swing out with pop in and + walk the follower

| Recaps

Adding a little challenging variation into swing out. Lead walks for follower.

Week 6 Shag swing out

| Courses · Bal'n'Shag Beginners+ · Classes

Introduction course to Balboa and Shag, dances that fit perfectly to upper tempo swing music.