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Slow Swing Sway spins

| Recaps

We added sway spins on top of our basic slow swing structure. Also suitable for Lindy hop, of course.

Int-Adv Behind the back movement with rhythm challenge

| Recaps

We learned this movement on Lindy Hop Int-Adv class.

Week 6 Barrel roll

| Courses · Lindy Charleston with Tiina & Markus · Classes

Some spins and barrel rolls.

Spins! Extra spins

| Recaps

Free spin but with (lots) of extra spins. Also, taking a little freedom to spin as a leader as well.

Lindy Hop Switches and overrotated swing out

| Recaps

Staying circling around after over-rotated swing out. Classic footwork and switch variations for followers and leaders.

Charleston inspiration 20s Charleston, Hacksaw, and more

| Recaps

Collection of Charleston movements including 20s charleston, hacksaw, sailor, drag, and tandem variations.

Week 5 Balboa spins and more lollies

| Courses · Bal'n'Shag Beginners · Classes

Introduction course to Balboa and Shag, dances that fit perfectly to upper tempo swing music.