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Solo Lindy Lindy Styling and Technique class 04-23-2021

| Recaps

Feeling the 'and', plus some slide variations for your triple basic.

Solo Lindy Lindy Styling and Technique class 04-09-2021

| Recaps

Shim Sham variations, rhythms, and swing outs.

Lindy Advanced Rhythms in your basic dancing

| Recaps

Talking about importance of having richness of rhythms in your dancing. Including a few examples of implementing rhythms of the music in your basic dancing.

Wednesday Club A few ideas

| Recaps

We practiced these few ideas on Wednesday Club summer edition. Inspired by Skye Humphries.

All of this should be leadable Rhytmic walk variations

| Recaps

At Wednesday Club summer edition we played with rhytmic walk variations. These were done in side-by-side position mirroring each other movements.