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Lindy Charleston Transitions to and between hand-to-hand and airplanes

| Recaps

A few transitions for Lindy Charleston taught on Lindy Advanced course.

Lindy Improvers / Intermediate Little Lindy charleston choreo

| Recaps

A short choreo we learned during the class on Improvers/Intermediate course.

Basic step exercises Lindy Hop basic steps and variations

| Recaps

In this video we go over our Lindy basic steps and some of its basic variations like kick ball change and swivels.

All the moves from the beginners' course Lindy Hop basic moves

| Recaps

In this recap we go thru all the basic moves of Lindy Hop utilizing both triple steps and kick/Charleston steps.

Week 5 Mixing kicks and triples

| Courses · Lindy Charleston with Tiina & Markus · Classes

Doing all the previous Charleston moves with triple steps.

Week 2 Basic 8-count Charleston

| Courses · Lindy Charleston with Tiina & Markus · Classes

Basic 8-count patterns for Lindy Charleston.

Week 4 Combination with hand to hand and tandem.

| Courses · Lindy Charleston with Tiina & Markus · Classes

How to combine movements learned on previous classes.

Lindy Charleston Hand to hand variations

| Recaps

Some hand to hand charleston variations you can easily practice at home as well!