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Must-know clips Classic clips - Lindy Hop

| Playlists

List of classic clips many lindy hoppers know. These videos have been a big inspiration during the swing revival.

2 breaks + choreo Charleston breaks

| Lessons

A short tutorial filmed on Karri's attic with two charleston breaks and a little choreography. Breaks were Johnny's Drop and unnamed funny jump break.

Slow Swing Sway spins

| Recaps

We added sway spins on top of our basic slow swing structure. Also suitable for Lindy hop, of course.

Int-Adv Behind the back movement with rhythm challenge

| Recaps

We learned this movement on Lindy Hop Int-Adv class.

Slow Lindy Slow Swing basics

| Recaps

Basics learnt on our Slow Swing course.

Lindy Hop Int-Adv combo

| Recaps

A movement combination learned on Lindy Hop Int-Adv class.

Solo Jazz Improvers' Charleston Choreo

| Recaps

Solo Jazz choreography incorporating many Charleston variations.

Plus some variations Tuck turn technique

| Recaps

We practiced tuck turns on spot with with mirrored body rotation.

Solo Jazz Routine with many basic steps

| Recaps

Recap of class choreography with some of the very first solo moves to learn.

Slow Swing Pivots and inside turn + dip technique

| Recaps

Adding pivots to our basic walks with inside turn exit leading into swing out or nice little dip.

Slow Swing Walks and turns in a close embrace

| Recaps

Close embrace dancing can be as simple as walking back and forth with little rhythm alterations.

For swing out A footwork variation

| Recaps

A little footwork variation that goes nicely into the swingout.

Solo Jazz Beginners' Choreo

| Recaps

This choreography was taught on the first bunch of Solo classes

Slow Swing Delayed triples, walks, gliding

| Recaps

First two Slow Swing classes in a reverse order.

Reversed fun Reverse swing outs & lindy circle

| Recaps

In our Intermediate-Advanced class, we reversed Swing outs and circles and played with them.

Swing out + send out Redirect rotation practice

| Recaps

Practicing different angles we can redirect to in both send out and swing out.

Week 8 Improvers choreography

| Courses · Lindy Charleston with Tiina & Markus · Classes

Nice little choreography of basic patterns mixing triples and kicks.

Week 7 Swing outs

| Courses · Lindy Charleston with Tiina & Markus · Classes

Tips for swing outs and a couple of variations.

Week 6 Barrel roll

| Courses · Lindy Charleston with Tiina & Markus · Classes

Some spins and barrel rolls.

Week 5 Mixing kicks and triples

| Courses · Lindy Charleston with Tiina & Markus · Classes

Doing all the previous Charleston moves with triple steps.