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Recaps from different workshops and courses.

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Wednesday Club |  Recaps
A few ideas

We practiced these few ideas on Wednesday Club summer edition. Inspired by Skye Humphries.

All of this should be leadable |  Recaps
Rhytmic walk variations

At Wednesday Club summer edition we played with rhytmic walk variations. These were done in side-by-side position mirroring each other movements.

Classic solo jazz choreography |  Recaps
Mama’s Stew

Recap from the class where we learned the classic Mama's Stew choreography.

Inspired by Laura Glaess |  Recaps
The Kingdom of Swing

Solo Jazz choreo inspired by Laura Glaess.

Inspired by Skye Humphries |  Recaps
Hayfoot, Strawfoot!

Solo Jazz choreo inspired by Skye Humphries.

Featuring smooth styling |  Recaps
3-wall swing out

Looping swing out redirection (counts 5-6) to create a 3-wall swing out, or an n-wall swing out if you wish.

Slow Swing |  Recaps
Rhythm variations and oppositions

Rhythm variations on top of basic 6-count Lindy Hop footwork with oppositions to add interesting shape.

Slow Swing |  Recaps
Sway spins

We added sway spins on top of our basic slow swing structure. Also suitable for Lindy hop, of course.

Int-Adv |  Recaps
Behind the back movement with rhythm challenge

We learned this movement on Lindy Hop Int-Adv class.

Slow Lindy |  Recaps
Slow Swing basics

Basics learnt on our Slow Swing course.

Lindy Hop |  Recaps
Int-Adv combo

A movement combination learned on Lindy Hop Int-Adv class.

Solo Jazz |  Recaps
Improvers' Charleston Choreo

Solo Jazz choreography incorporating many Charleston variations.

Plus some variations |  Recaps
Tuck turn technique

We practiced tuck turns on spot with with mirrored body rotation.

Solo Jazz |  Recaps
Routine with many basic steps

Recap of class choreography with some of the very first solo moves to learn.

Slow Swing |  Recaps
Pivots and inside turn + dip technique

Adding pivots to our basic walks with inside turn exit leading into swing out or nice little dip.