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Lindy Hop Beginners

With Tiina & Markus

Beginners' course to Lindy Hop. Course contains rhythms and movements that form the basic foundation for lindy hopping.

This course introduces you basic rhythms and movements people usually learn on our Lindy Hop Beginners’ courses. On this course, we’ll stay on triple steps and practice both 8-count and 6-count movements.

This course is constructed of recap materials from Lindy Hop Beginners course in Helsinki 2019 with Tiina & Markus. Recaps from the first and the last classes are missing, but the second class includes everthing learned on the first class, and last class was recapping all things learned.

Also suitable for total beginners!

Week 5 |  Courses · Lindy Hop Beginners with Tiina & Markus · Classes
Combining basic movements of Lindy Hop

Ideas how to combine basic movements + some tips and exercises to practice leading and following.

Week 6 |  Courses · Lindy Hop Beginners with Tiina & Markus · Classes
Lindy Circle

Lindy circle from open and closed position with different counts.

Dialogue & Discussion